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1. is a growing global education marketplace made available online leveraging on location-based technology. It offers a unique automated process and matching experience for student, tutor and trainer to guarantee a flexible learning for all. As a ground-breaking platform, Myclaaz enables trainers as well as tutors to convene lessons efficiently via video teleconferencing session with additional feature that allows students to record the tutor session effortlessly.

2. Built with distinctive features that set Myclaaz apart from other educational platforms, it is set to be the new talk of the town globally. Learners and trainers are welcomed to advertise and sell their own online notes, books and teaching videos for personal profit. Trainers too are given the opportunity to create their own online examination papers to be sold all around the world without limit.

3. This doesn’t end there, Myclaaz also ensures a special tailor-made learning platform for business, universities and professional certification bodies. In hopes that it will be used as an innovative platform for online classes to be conducted for a wide and endless variety of functions.

4. Myclaaz was first founded in February 2020 and is steadily gaining the interest of the public with a large number of 1000 tutors registered in a short amount of time. We welcome all individuals and relevant institutions to contact us and register to get a first-hand experience of a worldwide student and teacher coverage.

5. The approved subjects that is offered are divided into four sections which are school subjects, universities subjects, public interest subjects and professional skills subjects.

6. Although still a rookie in the market, Myclaaz has already achieved market validity and garnered the trust of the public as the numbers of people subscribed to this platform gradually increase day by day. Hence, Myclaaz humbly invite everyone who is equipped with the knowledge and skills that is listed in the platform to register now! The lesson fees are fully up to tutors and trainers to decide.

7. The moment that sparked Dr Zaharuddin on the creation of Myclaaz was when he faced difficulties in finding the right private tutor and coach for his children and himself. Although information on private tutors available can be easily found on the internet, it is usually rare to be able to access sufficient amount of information on tutor’s credential, qualification, experience and even authenticity, let alone to make proper assessment on the tutor’s teaching ability and pedagogy. Since then, the founder of this revolutionary platform worked on brainstorming solutions to ensure this significant problem can be solved as well as gathering ideas on how a digital platform could help the education community. Eyeing to disrupting some parts of the old private tuition and traditional learning processes by making it more inclusive.

8. With the creation of Myclaaz, new doors has been opened for every entity involved in the education community to find and create jobs, earn side income while gaining novel knowledge from trusted teachers and experts be it nearby or over the sea. Myclaaz certainly has abridged people from thousands of miles, long distances and accurately identify those who are near for a great new lesson.

9. This may be the future of learning, disrupting home tuition market by only a few touches of the finger and adding new avenues for professional bodies to reach out and be more inclusive than ever.

10. We are always welcoming of more investors who believes in technology disruption. If you or your entity have what it takes to be our partner, feel free to reach out by contacting us at