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1. In order to assist the education and learning community during this difficult period that we have faced due to COVID 19, MyClaaz Technology Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian technological start-up company is offering a unique automated process and matching experience for students, tutors and trainers to guarantee a flexible learning for all. As a ground-breaking platform, Myclaaz enables trainers as well as tutors to convene lessons efficiently via video conferencing session with additional features that allows students to record the tutor session effortlessly.

2. It is believed that such technology can effectively help lessen students’ exposure to the usually crowded learning centres after the MCO period, additionally helping increase students’ performance and focus during private lessons with tutors in order to cope with all of the needed syllabus.

3. Dr. Zaharuddin A. Rahman, Founder of the platform and also an Adjunct Professor of Faculty of Business and Management at UNisZA and UNISEL said, “to serve the community well during this uncertain time, the platform in which is now made available on the web and mobile android application, will be offering three months (May to July 2020) ZERO COMMISSION PERIOD to all tutors and trainers. It means, the trainer will enjoy all of the tuition and lesson fees all to themselves”.

4. Hence, Myclaaz humbly invites everyone who is equipped with the knowledge and skills that is listed in the platform to register now! No worries, the lesson fees are fully up to tutors and trainers to decide.

5. The approved subjects that are offered are divided into four sections which are school subjects, universities subjects, public interest subjects and professional skills subjects.

6. Built with distinctive features that set Myclaaz apart from other educational platforms, it is set to be the new talk of the town globally. Learners and trainers are welcomed to advertise and sell their own online notes, books and teaching videos for personal profit. Trainers too are given the opportunity to create their own online examination papers to be sold all around the world without limit.

7. Act now! Download the application on google play and apple store to get hands-on experience and further insight on the future of education.

8. Myclaaz is a growing global education marketplace made available online leveraging on location-based technology.

9. As a local technological start-up company, we are always welcoming of competent investors who believes in technology disruption. If you or your entity have what it takes to be our partner, feel free to reach out by contacting us at

MyClaaz Technologies Sdn Bhd
13th April 2020

For further communication:
Ms Azimah Abdullah +6011-58530774