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According to the Education Ministry, there was 2,967 registered centres with 194,567 students as at Dec 31, 2010 and according to industry expert, today the number of tuition centres is double that reported 9 years ago in Malaysia.

Private tuition is important to help students to catch up and improve on various subjects which needed more attention. Ex-Deputy Education Minister II Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon said “Sometimes, time is limited for students to ask more questions in class so tuition classes provide the opportunity for students to further get the grasp and more understanding of subjects that they might be weak in,” he said during his speech to launch the ‘Tuisyen Rakyat’ programme for Seremban Parliamentary constituency held at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Klana Putra Lenggeng in 2018

The People’s Tuition@KKLW introduced by the Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) ministry in 2016, and showed achievement in 2018, UPSR examination results showed that the percentage of students who passed all subjects increased 14 per cent compared to the trial examination.

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