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As James Wallman says in his book Time and How to Spend It, personal growth is central to many psychological theories of long-term happiness. So although an hour listening to a lecture may not be as enticing as the instant gratification of reality TV or social media, it will lead to greater life-satisfaction in the long term. “You could say that humans are like bicycles: if you’re not heading towards something you fall over,” Wallman says. And when we are social distancing, online courses are one of the best ways to do that

By using a digital e-learning platform, one may keep his distance but at the same time learning new knowledge without having to stuck in a crowd and risking potential infection of COVID19. At the opportunity is endless. You can become a student, learn new skills and you can also be a tutor and teach other people skills that you master. You can also sells you video, ebook, quiz and join an event or learn through private class at the same time. Explore it here.