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Although being an outspoken, strong minded, and leading student is what all parents aspire their kids to be, we cannot ignore the fact that there are multitude of personalities in people. As parents we have to either build our kids to be someone who can deal with people or address them according to their unique traits.

Being an introvert can be a preference. Just because someone is outspoken, can mingle well and work well with others does not means that they like and thrive in that environment. Some people prefer their own company and are at ease with one or two close companion.

For those who found themselves or family in this situation, our platform is a good option to help you.

Join Myclaaz here. Just click on Sign In! provides you option to have a one on one instructor.

You can choose either to have a private lesson, one on one online lession, or join with few close friends for a lesson virtually. These options are safe and also maintain the space needed for people who love solitary.


You make your own decisions

Everything from finding a subject, choosing a tutor, proceeding with payments or cancelling a class. You will be given opportunities to decide on your own. If anything, you can just whatssap admin and we will help you in decision making at +601158530774. or email us at


Products that can be learn on your own

Our products consist of notes, videos, and exams, all can be learn at the leisure and comfort of your home. As long as you purchase the products you can access it where ever and whenever needed. We will also assist if you have further questions on the products.

Enabling yourself or your kids to learn despite their unique personalities or traits are important as not everyone are build to be loud, active and with good communication skills. But if you need communication skills we also have tutors for that at


Follow these steps to start as student!