Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Child, Student & Instructor's Safety

Child safety is of paramount importance to MyClaaz, we will ensure that every instructor:

1. Has full registration with the Tuition Provider.

2. Is Reference-checked.

3. Has his/her Identification card checked.

4. Has his/her bank account statement to proof identity.

In addition, our instructors will only agree to teach if:

1. There is an adult parent or guardian (over 18) present in the home.

2. The tuition takes place in a public room (kitchen, dining room, living room).

3. Matured students gave assurance of the safety of the instructor.

We place all parties’ safety above profits. We do not take risks with both child, student and the instructor’s safety.

On top of that, MyClaaz also provide a video conferencing and video recording learning where these methods are amongst the options with low risk in term of safety of both parties since there is no physical attendance is required.

For Parents/Guardians/Students

1. We get our instructors to send us photocopies of their certificates and the identity. Upon verification we will include a sign ‘Verified’ for the instructors.

2. We have more than 1000 qualified instructors in our database. We evaluate instructors base on their experience, qualification and feedback from parents and learners.

3. Parents or matured student can also look at our instructor personal profile page where their qualifications, ratings and sample videos of tutoring are attached so that you can decide whether or not the instructor is best suitable for you and your children.

1. The registration is FREE of charge (without any hidden charges).

2. The Fee and rate will be determined by the instructors themselves.

3. Payment need to be paid before the lesson and the payment will be hold by MyClaaz until being notified by the students.

You are required to pay for the first lesson worth of fees (case-by-case basis) and you can easily find another instructor for your next lesson.

for instructors

There is a commission of 15% for tuition fee. No additional charge is imposed on the instructor. The payment will only be disbursed to the instructors on weekly or monthly basis depending on the accumulated amount. For non Malaysian instructor’s transaction, payment will be released by way of cheque to your address, and that is only after the accumulated amount is above MYR 500.00

You have to be at least 18 years old to qualify for registration.

You need to complete the registration and ensure :

1. Confirm your location via the map at your profile.

2. At least to fill in ONE services offered section at instructor’s dashboard page.

3. To enable the dates and time available for tutoring session.

4. Turn on the AVAILABILITY button, without it, you will be never found by students.

5. Attach your original and decent picture at instructor’s profile.

6. Fill in all of your credentials, including qualification, skills, experience, award (if any) and sample teaching video of your selves.

Registration is free and commission will only be charged after successful teaching of a client to you.

You are encouraged to upload a digital copy of your relevant certificates to us via MyClaaz website only. Instructors with qualifications verified will have higher chances for receiving assignments. However, please note that the information you send to us is strictly confidential and we will not send/publish them to the clients.

You are strongly encouraged not to terminate tuition assignments prematurely, as it will affect your credibility and the client is not bound to compensate you (case-by-case basis). We will refund 15% of the commission paid within the next two working days.