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Myclaaz is a global digital education marketplace leveraging on location-based technology, it offers a unique automated process and matching experience for student, tutor and trainer. MyCourse is a Certified Online Short Courses Platform with affordable fees

For Instructors, Trainers And Lecturers

Pairing up with the right students and helping tutors to earn money from teaching.


They can convene lessons efficiently via video teleconferencing session (at our platform) with additional features that allows students to record the tutor session effortlessly. Our Platform also support setting of a face to face lesson and scheduling.

Private Market Place

They can sell their own online notes, books and teaching videos for personal profit via their own created tutor's dashboard. All instructors will have it for free.

Online Exam

They can formulate their own online examination papers which can be either taken by their student or sold all around the world without limit.

Own Public Profile

They can have their own dashboard as private marketplace and public profile where they can copy and paste the unique link and spread it anywhere and easy accessed by potential students and clients.


They can also create educational event, sell its ticket and monitor list of registered paid participants with super ease.

For Students And Learners

Connect with the best tutors for excellent home tuition and online tutoring. Learn new skills with experts in each field. 


You can get access of sufficient amount of information on instructor’s credential, qualification, experience and even authenticity, and to make proper assessment on the tutor’s teaching ability and pedagogy.

Buy Quality Product

You can buy listed products (notes, video etc) from each instructors in a dedicated place and easy to find.


Give ratings to instructors, trainers and tutors who teach you so it may help other potential student to make their decision for their learning engagement.

Lesson & Location

Student may suggest a lesson location for 1 to 1 private class, alternatively, you can do it online.


Easy search filter by subject, categories, distance and location.

MyClaaz is now available on Google Play & Apple Store.

Our Short Courses Platform

Learning without limits and explore new knowledge! and most importantly, Be Certified !

Sample of Professional Certificate

Special Tailor-Made Learning Platform

Business, Universities & Professional Certification Bodies

Myclaaz also has a special tailor-made learning platform for organisation,  business corporations, universities and professional certification bodies. In hopes that it will be used as an innovative platform for online classes to be conducted for a wide and variety of functions.

All of these can be done through our short course platform

Professional Certification Bodies

MyClaaz Professional Cert (MPC) is an e-learning platform that enables professional certififcation bodies to offer contents for their certification to all of their learners and subscribers.

This platform can be regarded either as a core platform for the certificate or as revisionplatform. We can also provide MyClaaz to be alternatives medium for the examinations.

MPC also suitable for Universities in offering academic courses and programs online. It's time to reach farther beyond and enjoy border-less learning.

MPC is an online on-demand learning platform designed to make the process of remote learning more accessible and easier. Let's get started and design the perfect way to bring your certififcation potential to the next digital level.

Mobile Application View

Available on mobile view, bringing you convenience and efficiency.

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