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1. MyClaaz enables Instructors, trainers, as well as tutors to

a. convene lessons efficiently via video teleconferencing session with additional feature that allows students to record the tutor session effortlessly.
b. advertise and sell their own online notes, books and teaching videos for personal profit via their own created tutor’s dashboard.
c. create their own online examination papers to be sold all around the world without limit.
d. advertise their dashboard as private marketplace where they can copy and paste the url anywhere and easy accessed by potential students.
e. organise his/her own educational event and able to sell participation ticket easily. List of paid attendees will also be automatically ready at instructors personal dashboard.   

2. Myclaaz enables learners & students to

a. access sufficient amount of information on instructor and tutor’s credential, qualification, experience and even authenticity, and to make proper assessment on the tutor’s teaching ability and pedagogy.
b. save their purchased products (notes, video etc) in a dedicated place and easy to find.
c. give ratings to trainers and tutors
d. pick and choose location for 1 to 1 private class.
e. search filter by subject, categories, distance and location.
f.  convene an online class with instructor with live recording features. 

3. Myclaaz for business and professional certification bodies.

MyClaaz also provide a special platform for a special tailor-made learning platform for business, universities and professional certification bodies, to offer short courses and certified programs. In hopes that it will be used as an innovative platform for online classes to be conducted for a wide and endless variety of functions.

4. Accessibility 

MyClaaz digital educational and private learning platform is accessible and functional across the globe. Try it out.. Greatly appreciated.

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5. Offered and Listed Subjects

The approved subjects that is offered are divided into four sections which are

a. school subjects,
b. universities subjects,
c. public interest subjects and
d. professional skills subjects.



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